Home Depot to Begin Accepting PayPal

Home Depot has announced it will begin accepting PayPal transfers as payment at all its home center stores starting March 8. A trial at five stores has been underway since the beginning of this year, the company said.

Within the next two weeks, nearly 2,000 Home Depot stores in the U.S. will be equipped to accept payments from customers using a PayPal card, or mobile phone number and PIN combination. PayPal produced the video below to demonstrate how the in-store payment system will work.

“The Home Depot integration is a great milestone for us, proof that we’re making ourvision for the future of shopping a reality, but it’s only the beginning,” Don Kingsborough, Vice President of Retail and Prepaid Products, PayPal, said in a statement on PayPal's website. “We’re going to continue re-imagining money to make it work better for our retail partners and their valued customers – stay tuned for more exciting innovations to come.”

Consumers who can't quite ween themselves off plastic won't have to. PayPal said it will issue a PayPal card that will resemble a debit card, but can only be used for purchases in stores where PayPal is accepted.


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