Internet Kiosk Plans For Old Payphones In New York City

The company that snapped up the old Verizon payphone locations in New York City has some big plans.

The new spots will feature a 22-inch touchscreen unit called MIKE, or My Internet Kiosk Everywhere.

You’d pay $1 for four minutes of Internet time and 50 cents for a 15-minute phone call. You’d also be able to plug in and charge up your run down smartphone, according to the New York Post.

The company behind this is California-based Pacific Telemanagement Services.

At Penn Station, some wonder what you might witness walking by one of the terminals.

“One never knows. Big Brother is always watching also. So, you never know,” one man said, adding that some probably would view less than family-friendly content on the internet.

Penn Station would be first to get the new terminals, but there is no word on when they might arrive.


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