Live: Israeli-Iranian meet on Facebook to share love

Israelis may not be allowed to travel to Iran, but Israelis and Iranians plan on meeting in virtual reality in the most recent grassroots attempt to build civil society ties between the two peoples.

A Facebook invitation to the "ISRAEL ♥ IRAN PEACE & LOVE World gathering" set for 6:00 p.m. Jerusalem time invites thousands of users to enter a virtual Facebook platform where Israeli and Iranians can meet, talk, and "drink."

The invitation description says, "No borders, no censorship of content, come and share the love with us."

"Our campaign has raised peace awareness World Wide and now we can all have a place to finally meet and talk," it continues.

The organizers, 41-year-old Ronny Edri and his 35-year-old partner Michal Tamir created an online sensation when they started an online forum called "Israel-Loves-Iran" to give a platform to everyday Israelis and Iranians against a war between the two countries.

On Saturday, they took their efforts to the streets, bringing over 1,000 people out in Tel Aviv for the first significant anti-Iran-war protest. The Facebook meet up, they say, is a chance to "keep the momentum going."


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