Merah felt 'endless pleasure' during school massacre

Just moments before he was killed in a gunfight with French police officers, the Toulouse terrorist Mohammed Merah said he was disappointed that he had missed out on "the first day of school after the summer break at the Jewish school," as he would have been able to kill more Jewish children that way.

French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche reported on Sunday that during negotiations for his surrender with police, Merah admitted that he felt "endless pleasure" during the massacre at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish School last week.

Merah also told police officers that he didn't want to end his life as a "kamikaze" as he wanted to carry out additional murders "to see and touch his victims before they died," the weekly quoted police sources as saying.

As for his time in Afghanistan, Merah said that he underwent personal training rather than "collective training," and added that his trainer wanted him to carry out attacks in Paris but he chose to start with Toulouse.

"Merah thought that killing one French soldier in France would have the same effect as killing six soldiers in Afghanistan," police reported.


  1. Yemach shemo v'zichroy!!! And he still had pleasure during that cold blooded murder where he devatated people's lives forever!!


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