MTA Considers Banning Repeat Subway Crime Offenders From Transit System

Most subway crooks are repeat offenders, so why not ban them from the subway?

The idea of prohibiting individuals who have committed crimes underground — much like department stores ban thieves — was tossed around at Monday’s MTA meeting.

While most straphangers seem to like the idea in principle, they are unsure if it could ever be enforced.

“What are they gonna do, have some kind of detector when you walk through here?” one man told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan. “I just don’t see how it works.”

“How can you enforce something like that? How are you going to know they are repeat offenders, unless they’re walking around with…a badge on or a sign ‘Hi, I’m a repeat offender,’” another rider said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

How to enforce such a policy is the million dollar question.

MTA officials said they will ask the New York Police Department to look into the possibility of banning crooks.

Chairman Joseph Lhota said he will discuss it with the city’s five district attorneys to see if it’s even possible.


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