Resident says condo association bans Jewish mezuzah

STRATFORD, CT - A Jewish woman's Stratford condo association has fined her $50 a day for attaching a mezuzah to her door frame.

The California Condo Association says that Barbara Cadranel is in violation of the federal Fair housing Act, but the Anti-Defamation League said the condo's practice violates various civil rights laws.

The attorney for Cadranel is filing a complaint with Connecticut's Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. The attorney notes the woman's neighbor's door bearing a crucifix. If the condo association continues to fine their client, they will start legal proceedings, according the newspaper story.

"I don't think the board is being unreasonable.  They can put it inside a door frame. She is still going to walk past it," said Susan Reid, a neighbor.

The condo association said its rules "prohibits the displaying of any item, of whatever nature, upon the exterior wall of any unit."

"The way their bylaws are being construed is tantamount to Jews being excluded.  It's not a choice. A Jew does not have a choice they are commanded if they are observing that to hang on a door frame," said Randi Pincus with the Connecticut ADL.



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