Sharpton Calls For An End To Proposed District Lines

The Reverend Al Sharpton called for an end to the proposed boundaries submitted by the N.Y Assembly and Senate.

Sharpton says the boundaries are a setback in civil rights during a Saturday morning press conference at National Action Network headquarters in Harlem.

"The proposed lines will actually reduce African American representation in Congress, weaken existing Latino congressional representation, carve up and dilute the voting strength of African American communities in the Bronx so they are split among four members of Congress, and refuse to create a new Latino seat to reflect their growth in New York City. Latinos make up 30% of the City's population but have only two representatives in Congress,” said Sharpton. “I thought the Voting Rights Act that was birthed from the pain and suffering that took place in Selma and Monytgomery 50 years ago was about voter protection, not incumbent protection."

Sharpton will try to highlight the issue in Selma, Alabama starting on Sunday during a five-day march to commemorate the Civil Rights march almost 50 years ago.


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