TSA Agents Find Fake Grenades, Knife & More At Newark Liberty, JFK Airports

The Transportation Security Administrating says it has stopped several suspicious items recently at area airports.

One incident took place Friday. That’s when a TSA agent at Newark-Liberty International Airport spotted two hand grenades inside a passenger’s carry-on bag.

Turns out the grenades were inert replicas and meant to be used as gearshift knobs in a car.

The passenger was allowed to continue, but left the fake grenades with the TSA agents.

A separate incident took place Sunday, this time at JFK International Airport. That’s when TSA agents spotted a folding knife, baton and handcuffs in one man’s carry-on bag.

The TSA says they contacted Port Authority police who confiscated the items and arrested the man on a state charge.

The TSA wants to remind folks that weapons are strictly forbidden in carry-on bags, though some can be carried in checked bags, depending on state laws.


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