Tunisian Vandals Spray Star of David on Mosque, Ruin Koran

Tunisia's Ministry of Religious Affairs has condemned the desecration of the Muslim holy book as well as attacks on mosques over the past few days.

On Thursday in the town of Ben Guerdane near the Libyan border, two mosques were vandalized and their Qurans damaged.

On Friday a Star of David, a symbol of Judaism, was spray painted on the al-Fath mosque in the capital, Tunis.

The ministry on Monday denounced the acts as seeking to destabilize society.

It also announced March 23 will be the national day for the veneration of the Quran.

Since the country's secular dictator was overthrown a year ago in a popular uprising, there has been a rise in religious sentiment.

Tensions have been high between religious and secular elements in society.


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