Unruly Pilot Causes Plane to Make Emergency Landing

A JetBlue flight that departed New York for Las Vegas on Tuesday was forced to make an emergency landing due to what's been described as erratic behavior by the plane's captain.

According to JetBlue's official blog, there was a "medical situation involving the captain" on board Flight 191. Another captain, traveling off duty, took over and diverted the plane to Amarillo.

JetBlue said the flight's original captain was taken to a nearby medical facility.

One witness told Dallas television station KTVT that the captain was exhibiting "odd behavior" and began running up and down the aisle screaming when he was locked out of the cockpit.

He was restrained by passengers, according to the witness.

JetBlue said a new aircraft would be sent to Amarillo to pick up the passengers and bring them to Las Vegas.


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