Video: IDF Elite Combat Troops in Training

Most combat soldiers see little front-line action with the enemy and their training usually – and hopefully – is their toughest army experience.

An IDF video gives a rare glimpse into tough training by crack “Egoz” combat soldiers, lugging and firing the Israeli-made “Tabor” rifle.
The live-fire training exercise was held n the Golan Heights and marked the conclusion of four months of intensive counterterrorist training. All combat units serve at least one three to six-month stint at Gaza and other postings at the Lebanese border and in Judea and Samaria.

During their training, the commando soldiers go through jump school, combat under extreme conditions training, urban warfare training, camouflage course, counterterrorism and ambush training.

They also focus on navigation exercise and field craft, enabling them to stay out in the field for long periods of time.

News headlines usually focus on confrontations with the enemy, but in fact, most soldiers spend almost of their time on patrol and guard without an exchange of fire. The training, which continues even towards the end of their mandatory three-year term of duty, keeps them prepared – just in case.


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