Video: Pencil launcher is geek weapon of vengeance

The Nerd Revenge 2000 is a high-powered crossbow that shoots pencils--up to 10 of them consecutively from its magazine.

Constructed of wood, it has a simple firing and reloading mechanism, as well as a range of about 16 feet with its tough elastic band.

In the vid below, it sends sharpened pencils through both sides of a sturdy cardboard box. It also skewers an apple very neatly.

Fitted with archery field tips, the pencils become rather terrifying, flying through the air at 97 mph.

Jorg Sprave is clearly obsessed with designing mind-bending slingshots: witness his Slingshot Zombiehammer with Skull Ejector, the preferred weapon of those who'll survive the coming apocalypse, and his HugeSlingshot Cannon, which Leonardo da Vinci would have loved.

Sprave introduces each of his creations on his SlingshotChannel in delightfully German-accented English and you know he'd make a perfect supervillain on film.

Good thing he seems to be content with his backyard hobby--for now.


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