Video shows sleeping subway booth clerk

A viewer submitted a video to that clearly shows a subway booth clerk asleep at the station at Beach 98 Street in Far Rockaway, Queens. She is completely dead to the world for the entire video -- long enough to show the token booth, the station sign, and the clerk's badge number, 51132, as she is still soundly asleep.

Had the commuter been a terrorist or other criminal the token booth clerk would have been useless. Some commuters felt less than safe, since they depend on token booth clerks to be, at least, a look out.

Some transit workers believe that the sleeping token booth clerk was doing the overnight shift from midnight to 8 a.m. That shift is extremely quiet until the morning and easy to fall asleep on.

The video was taken in the morning late enough that there is sunlight which you can see in the background.

The MTA issued this statement: "We'll investigate and take appropriate disciplinary action. It would be helpful if the person who supplied you with the video came forward and provided us with additional details."

TWU Local 100, the union that represents transit workers, said: "There are usually extenuating circumstances in cases like this. We will defend our sister transit worker to the best of our ability if management disciplines her."

Sources said that depending on the clerk's record and the circumstances, she could lose her job.


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