Warm Weather Brings Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes To Rockland, Westchester Counties

Early warm weather has brought disease-carrying mosquitoes to areas of Rockland and Westchester Counties.

It’s tricky business trying to tame a tiger — the Asian tiger mosquito, that is. The daytime biting, disease-carrying vector first turned up in Rockland County last summer, and it’s feared that the mild winter spared many eggs.

The county is monitoring breeding grounds and handing out larvicide for swimming pools. It’s also getting ready to distribute fat head minnows — little fish that feast on baby skeeters before they fly away.

The Asian tiger is being monitored in southern Westchester County, too, where it first appeared two years ago.

When doing spring cleaning outdoors, Rockland and Westchester County residents are advised to dump their standing water, as the Asian tiger needs just a bottle-cap full in order to breed.


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