3 Israeli travelers killed overseas

Three Israelis traveling overseas were killed on two separate incidents on Thursday.

Guy Hendel, 18, died during a pre-army trip to Andorra. Circumstances remain unclear.

The Foreign Ministry is arranging for Hendel's body to be flown back to Israel. The case is being handled by Israel's Consul in Madrid, Etty Mizrahi.

Having recently graduated from high-school, Hendel traveled to Andorra with a group of 48 other graduates and kibbutz members on an organized trip. "We are shocked at the sudden death of our Kibbutz member," said Yair Peleg, secretary of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot.

"From what we've been told, Guy went into the shower, shut the door, and then a loud thump was heard. No one knows what happened to him in the shower," said Haim Porat of Kibbuz Geva. He stressed that Guy was in Andorra on a private trip organized by the Kishrei Teufa company and not part of an official kibbutz trip. "We don't really know what happened."

Guy's father and uncle are scheduled to travel to Madrid on Friday to identify the body.

Also Thursday, two female travelers were killed in a road accident in south Bolivia. Their bodies have been transported to La Paz where Israeli Consul Roberto Neckelbaum received them at the airport.

Another Israeli was wounded in the accident.

The women who were killed in the accident have been identified as Calanit Nankin, a 45-year-old kindergarten teacher from Modi'in, and Dorit Ziner, 54, from Rosh Ha'ayin. 

July has been a particularly tragic month for young Israeli backpackers as three other Israelis found their death in two separate incidents. On Tuesday, Hadas Ben Shushan died in a rockslide in India after losing large amounts of blood. Two weeks ago, Yamit Linniel, 22, and Rotem Tavor, 24, died in car crashes in Peru.


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