Bulgaria: Israeli Tourists Keep Coming after Terrorist Attack

Bulgaria has received 32 charter flights from Israel, Bulgarian Economy Minister Delyan Dobrev said Monday, referring to the July 18 terrorist attack in Burgas in which a suicide bomber killed 5 Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver.

Dobrev spoke after meeting with Israel's Minister of Tourism Stas Misezhnikov who came to Bulgarian for a one-day visit to reaffirm the bilateral ties after the terrorist attack at the Sarafovo Airport in Burgas that made global headlines; the attack's victims were Israeli tourists heading to the Sunny Beach resort.

The Bulgarian Minister of Economy, Energy, and Tourism pointed out that the initial drop in bookings of summer vacations in Bulgaria by Israeli tourists is receding, and that he believes that the trend will be reversed.

"We must not allow such an incident to influence our customs, desire, will to travel," Dobrev said, as cited by BGNES.

He further stressed that he had discussed newly-introduced security measures for Israeli tourists in Bulgaria with Israeli Minister of Tourism Misezhnikov.


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