Bulgarian Muslims: Don't blame us for Burgas bombing

The Bulgarian Chief Mufti's Office has published a statement of complaint over prevailing anti-Muslim sentiment following the suicide bombing at the Burgas airport that killed five Israelis and one Bulgarian citizen, who happened to be of Muslim descent, the Bulgarian news site Novinite reported Wednesday.

"Terror is definitely not accepted by Islam regardless of its goal and cause. There is an emblematic saying by Islamic thinkers that terror has no religion, and that there is no terror in religion," the statement read.

According to the religious leader, in the days after the Burgas attack, the nation's media "irresponsibly published opinions" that linked Bulgaria's Muslim population not only to the bombing, but also to a possible threat of more such attacks. The Chief Mufti said he was concerned that these "unfounded insinuations" were being leveled during the holy month of Ramadan.

"The Muslim religion and the Muslim community cannot be accused of a crime committed by one person or a group of marginal types," the statement claimed, adding that terrorism was "an enemy to Muslims" and to all of humanity.

According to the Chief Mufti's Office, the country's Muslims have become "moral victims" of "biased… insinuations." The religious leader said it was "perplexing" why the government, public figures, and academics had not objected to this "deep injustice."


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