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E-ZPass usage increases on Mid-Hudson bridges


Ever since tolls increased on the five bridges operated by the New York State Bridge Authority, the use of E-ZPass has increased substantially.

Tolls rose on February 1 from $1 to $1.25 for E-ZPass users and to $1.50 for cash customers.

Bridge Authority Executive Director Joseph Ruggiero said more people have begun using E-ZPass to save money and to speed up their toll paying transactions.

“Typically we were around 59 percent E-ZPass and about 41 percent cash and within a few months of the toll increase and the change in the rate structure and the differential, we have seen it grow to almost 64 ½ percent E-ZPass, which is a substantial number considering you are talking millions of transactions that go across these bridges a year,” Ruggiero said.

In June, the bridges had 1.5 million E-ZPass transactions and 854,000 cash customers on the five structures it operates over the Hudson River – The Rip Van Winkle, Kingston-Rhinecliff, Mid-Hudson, Newburgh-Beacon and Bear Mountain bridges.

Annually, the Bridge Authority has some 24.5 million transactions with 56 million crossings.


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