Etan Patz Suspect Out of Bellevue, Moved to Manhattan Jail Cell

The suspect who allegedly confessed to killing Etan Patz has been moved to a Manhattan jail cell after spending several weeks in a Bellevue Medical Center psychiatric ward.

Pedro Hernandez was moved to Riker's Island for a short time following his release from Bellevue. He is now being held at the Manhattan House of Detention on murder charges as police and prosecutors continue to work to see if there is any evidence to support his claim that he killed the missing 6-year-old SoHo boy.

Hernandez’s family claims he has a history of mental illness and hallucinations. He underwent a psychiatric evaluation during his time at Bellevue. His Harvey Fishbein, declined to comment on the results of that evaluation as well as his client’s move back to Riker’s late last month.

Sources familiar with the case said Hernandez is receiving medication at the jail. 

Hernandez was arrested in May after he allegedly told police he killed Patz 33 years ago in the basement of a SoHo bodega where he worked as a stock clerk.  He had also made claims to members of his New Jersey church group back in the 1980s that he once had harmed a child in New York City.

So far, police have not found any physical evidence to substantiate those claims.  Police investigative efforts have included a search of Hernandez's Maple Shade home. 

Etan Patz vanished in Soho as he walked to the corner to catch his bus to school. 

Hernandez is not due back in court until October as prosecutors, police and defense lawyers work to see whether this case moves forward.


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