India: Israeli tourist killed in rockslide

An Israeli tourist was killed on Tuesday in a rockslide in the Dharamsala region in northern India. Her family has been notified.

Israelis currently in the area said that she was travelling with her friends and was hit by a large rock which fell on her leg. She most likely suffered major blood loss.

One Israeli told Ynet: "The people with her ran to get help. People gathered (at the scene) and many Israelis also came in a cab and dressed her wound until the ambulance came, but by then her condition had worsened, most likely from all the blood she lost."

This is not the first tragedy to occur among Israelis backpacking in India. In September last year Yossi Shafir, 24, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Shafir who was travelling with two friends, had a full on collision with a car and was killed.
And in august last year backpacker Einat Tavory, 27, fell to her death during a trek. An Israeli rescue team located her thanks to reports from an Israeli who was travelling with her.


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