It's Official: 'Soda Mayor' Declares War On Baby Formula

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned smoking in New York City parks and is trying to ban the sale of sugary drinks over 16 oz.

Now he has his sights on another target: baby formula.

“Latch On NYC” is a citywide initiative to support mothers who choose to breastfeed and limit practices that interfere with that choice.

It begins September 3, but ads are already on the subways.

The mayor said Monday that public health officials around the country think this a great idea. “The immunities that a mother has built up get passed on to the child,” he told reporters.

Hospitals choosing to be part of the city program will keep formula bottles hidden and carefully controlled to encourage breastfeeding.

“We’re not making anybody do it. We’re suggesting, and the same thing with full sugar drinks,” the mayor said. “I was behind a truck this morning, and they said ‘Don’t limit our drinks.’ Nobody’s limiting. It’s just the size of the cup.”

Mothers will still be allowed to have formula, but will have to request it, won’t get it for free, and hospital staff will have to sign it out.

The National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy has come out in support of the mayor’s plan, and hopes to get more hospitals on board.

From smoking to soda to baby formula… one reporter wanted to know what’s next.

“Anything that we can think of that will improve your health,” he said.


  1. And here we were, thinking of doing a weekend in NYC. Guess not. Comments on Bloomberg's 'health initiatives':


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