Mayor: Software Glitch Holding Up Bike Share Program

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says a software glitch is the reason New York's bike-sharing program hit a speed bump.

The Citi Bike program, scheduled to launch this month, has been delayed with no start date announced.

"The software isn't working yet and just rest assured we are not going to put out any program here that doesn't work," said Bloomberg. "What's fascinating is there was a lot of screaming that we don't want bikes and now everyone is screaming we want them now. We are just not going to do it until it works."

A $41 million sponsorship from Citigroup is paying for most of the program, which will include 10,000 bicycles and 600 docking stations.

When the program does start, bike rentals will cost $25 a week or $10 a day. A yearly membership will cost $95.

The bike-share operator, Alta, has not responded to a request for comment.


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