Monticello board appoints consultant on mayor probe

Monticello, N.Y. - The Monticello Village Board has authorized its paid consultant, the state's former top cop, to conduct an investigation into the circumstances around Mayor Gordon Jenkins' July 3 arrest.

Preston Felton, a former acting state police superintendent and consultant to the village's police commission, will be paid $75 an hour to determine if Monticello police officers acted fairly when they responded to an altercation among Jenkins and two others at Jenkins' G Man Beauty Supply store on Broadway.

Jenkins was accused of taking a swing at a man and accidentally striking Officer Dave Weiner. Jenkins and the two others were charged with a misdemeanor and a violation.

Jenkins has said he was threatened and defending himself. He denies hitting Weiner. Apparently, a witness has come forward with information that might conflict with the official version of events.


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