N.J. Counterfeiters Find New Way Rip You Off

If you work in Bergen County, you might want to take a closer look at the cash you get from your customers.

The funny money making the rounds across the region is going undetected because it is actually money, just the denomination has been changed.

Two fake $100 bills have been passed at pharmacies in Wyckoff.

The counterfeiters take $5 bills, bleach them, and reprint them with Benjamin Franklin’s face.

Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox says marker detection doesn’t spot the problem.

“The bills look very good and again, because they’re on regular U.S. currency paper, they feel good too. There’s that typical feel of a bill which will be different if it’s been cheaply printed on other phony paper,” he told Adams.

Upon closer inspection, the bills have an Abraham Lincoln watermark and the security thread reads “U.S.A. FIVE.”

The suspect is a young hispanic male in a red or maroon van with Florida plates. There’s an older man behind the wheel.


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