President Barack Obama’s 1980s Upper West Side Apartment For Rent

The New York City apartment where President Barack Obama lived in the 1980s is available for rent. But there’s no guarantee it’ll inspire presidential aspirations in the next occupant.

The two-bedroom railroad apartment on the Upper West Side is listed for $2,400 a month.

“Live Like the President!!! Barack Obama’s former apartment is now on the market for rent,” the website listing states. “Be a part of history and live where the President lived while he attended Columbia University. Who knows, you just might end up in the White House one day.”

The listing says the apartment has features like exposed brick, high ceilings, a marble bath and hardwood floors, adding ”best of all, its unbeatable dinner conversation!”

When Obama lived in the 109th Street apartment with a roommate while attending Columbia University, the monthly rent was $360.

Broker Zak Kneider said he had received nine emails inquiring about the apartment by Wednesday evening.

To see the full listing, click here.


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