Sinai Terrorists Planned Mass Slaughter

Terrorists who attacked workers at the Sinai border fence, murdering one, had hoped to infiltrate Israel and slaughter Jewish families. The terror group had already picked its target: the town of Nitzana, near the Israel-Egypt border.

The Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group behind the June 18 attack revealed its full plan in a video published online.

The video includes footage of the preparation for the attack. Two terrorists are seen training in the desert. Others seek out a site to attack.

Commanders tell the terrorists to break through the fence, fire two counter-tank missiles at the IDF vehicles at the scene, and reach the nearby town of Nitzana. There, they were to murder as many residents of the town as they were able.

Nitzana is home to 50 families. Several youth programs operate in the town, including two Hebrew-language learning programs for young immigrants to Israel.

The terrorists launched their attack on June 18. They murdered Israeli-Arab Said Fachachte who was working on the border fence, but failed to infiltrate Israel.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak expressed concern that the attack indicated “a severe weakening of Egypt’s control of Sinai.”


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