Wendy Long Hits Bloomberg On Abortion, Breastfeeding Guidelines

Over the weekend it was revealed that the Bloomberg administration’s next health initiative will be to make it more difficult for new mothers to have access to baby formula in order.

This latest move doesn’t sit well with U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long, who calls it a “nandate” (as in a cross between nanny state and mandate) and who wonders how hizzoner could be pro-choice when it comes to abortion but not when it comes to breast-feeding.

“What’s even more ironic is a pro-choice politician dictating how to feed a newborn that he wouldn’t guarantee a right to life.  This is a ‘nandate’ that has gone to far and I am calling on the Mayor to reverse his decision.”

Ms. Long is the Republican opponent to incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand, although the Democrat has a 33-point lead according to a most recent poll.

Ms. Long also calls on Sen. Gillibrand to come out one way or another on this latest Bloomberg initiative, which, among other things would force nurses to document a medical reason why mothers would be given baby formula.


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