Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Auctions Off Cars, City-Owned Items On eBay

Selling items on eBay to help increase a town’s revenue?

It’s true and it’s happening in Yonkers.

The auction is an opportunity for Yonkers to generate revenue from the selling of city-owned items that are no longer needed.

Mayor Mike Spano announced Wednesday that so far, earnings during the first 10 days of bidding at the city’s new eBay store, Yonkerscarstore.com, have exceeded $44,000.

“This program is a simple way of turning years of excessive spending into significant savings for taxpayers,” said Spano. “In addition to the revenue generated for Yonkers, the accessibility of selling surplus city-owned assets online provides an opportunity for residents to take part in our city’s fiscal health, while getting a great deal on a great item.”

Yonkerscarstore.com launched several weeks ago with over two dozen items up for bid. Some of the items for sale include cameras, computers and even traffic signal heads.

Ten vehicles were up for auction — including a Lincoln Navigator that sold for more than $25,000.

All the cars featured in the auction were from the recent recall of over 40 take-home cars by Spano earlier this year.

If you’re interested in seeing what new items are up for bid, including  a 1990 Mack Fire Truck, a 1998 Ford van and a vintage Schwab Co. bank safe, check out the eBay store.

Starting bids for items listed now range from $25 to $5,500.

The City expects to auction off over 200 items over the next few months.

For more information about the auction, visit Yonkerscarstore.com.


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