Buenos Aires city legislature approves Munich 11 resolution

The Buenos Aires City Legislature unanimously approved a declaration to remember the Israeli athletes murdered at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

"This year we sadly commemorate the 40 anniversary of Munich massacre against the Israeli delegation. That deplorable event forces us to have memory and not only is it a vindication in favor of these Israel athletes, it is also is a current claim in favor of respect and tolerance,” said the declaration, presented today by legislator Claudio Presman of the Radical Civic Union party.

The document voted on by the 60 legislators continued, “Our intention precisely in Olympic times is to contribute from this parliament in favor of human brotherhood and acceptation between different societies, religions and ethnics groups.”

Presman told JTA, “The tribute to the victims of this terrorist attack generates consensus among the representatives of the City of Buenos Aires. This is also a rejection of terrorism.”


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