Car races through Lincoln Tunnel at 200 MPH

A car was video taped racing through the Lincoln Tunnel at speeds reaching nearly 200 MPH.

Cops didn't have to go on a pursuit.  It was all a publicity stunt.

Former Formula One driver David Coulthard drove the Red Bull Racing Running Show Car through the 1.5 mile Lincoln Tunnel, which connects New York and New Jersey after all the traffic was cleared from the tunnel.

Coulthard, no doubt, set the record for the fastest-ever commute through the tunnel.

Afterwards he said: "I'm really looking forward to seeing what the final video looks like. We've done Liberty State Park, the Lincoln Tunnel and the racetrack for next season. Bringing all those elements together, the combination of the high-speed stuff in the car combined with the tracking shots, we're going to end up with something that will be really entertaining for the fans."


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