Caretaker Caught on Tape Abusing 80-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor

A foreign worker from Nepal was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of abusing an 80-year-old man who was under her care in recent months. The alleged abuse was discovered after surveillance cameras installed inside the man's home by his family documented the live-in caretaker beating him. The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court extended her remand until Monday.

Lately the man's relatives noticed irregularities in his behavior and after installing the cameras in his home they claim to have spotted the alleged abuse. They filed a complaint with the police and this led to the arrest of the foreign worker by the domestic crimes squad of the Tel Aviv police.
On Thursday, during her arraignment, the woman was charged with assaulting a helpless person and causing injury.

"We saw her slapping him on camera - we were shocked," said the old man's daughter.

"He's a Holocaust survivor who has never harmed a soul. We brought the tapes to the police and they were very hard to watch. For two years she took good care of him. We don't know what happened to her. Now he's fine."

Another relative who watched the tapes said, "Fortunately, he's a strong person. Poor guy, he doesn't know what to do and instead of doing her job and dressing him she stands with hands on her hips and beats him."
Attorney Yashar Yaakobi, a public defender representing the suspect, said "My client denies any link to the charges."


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