Driver Claims Delayed NYPD Response To Fender Bender Led To Bigger Accident

A Queens woman claims she waited six hours for police to respond to a weekend fender bender in the Bronx, and that the wait led to a more serious accident. NY1's Michael Herzenberg filed the following report.

Sarah Khan of Queens says a concrete truck rear-ended her and 911 operators told her that the two vehicles should remain where they were, in the center lane of the Cross Bronx Expressway.

The accident happened just past Randall Avenue at about 11 a.m. Saturday. Sarah Khan says she called 911 and operators told her and the cement truck driver to wait for police.
It was a minor accident.

She says as the hours passed she continued to call 911 and even the local precinct, and got the same response.

After four hours, she says a third car rear-ended the cement truck, which then hit her car.
That accident appeared more serious. She says the driver of the third vehicle was bleeding and semi-conscious.

Khan explains that the fire department responded quickly. First responders took the injured man to the hospital, but she says it was still two hours after that when police finally showed up.

She says she was very angry.

"Worry, concern for our safety and just anger at the whole police department pretty much, because they were taking so long it felt like they weren't doing their job, it felt like they didn't care," Khan said.

Police say they received multiple calls for that wreck, but the addresses were inaccurate. Some said the crash took place on the Bruckner Expressway, and others said the Throgs Neck.

An NYPD spokesperson explains that police arrived on the scene when they could find the accident and wrote up the report.


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