FAA Investigates Near-Miss at Westchester County Airport

The FAA is investigating a near-miss at Westchester County Airport Sunday.

According to FAA spokeswoman Arlene Salac, the air traffic controller at the airport in White Plains cleared both a single-engine, general aviation plane for take-off and another single-engine, general aviation plane for landing on an intersecting runway.

The landing aircraft executed a shorter approach than expected, and landed just before the departing plane had cleared the intersection, Salac said.

FAA procedures require that the departing plane clear the intersection before the arriving plane reaches the runway.

No one at the airport was aware of the near-miss until the pilot who was taking off complained to the FAA.

Salac said the FAA is "investigating how the sequencing of the aircraft resulted in the departing aircraft not meeting the required clearance through the intersection."

Facility managers will share their findings with airport employees, and review the procedures involved to "ensure a safe operating environment," said Salac.


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