Gallup ranks Utah best state to live in future

Gallup says the Beehive State -- otherwise known as Utah -- may be the best U.S. place to live five years from now.

Next best: Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska and North Dakota.

The worst five, from the bottom: West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas and Nevada.

The rankings are based on 13 metrics measuring five areas: economics, workplace, community and personal choices.

Why Utah?

Utah does best in part because it is among the top two best-performing states for low smoking habits, ease of finding clean and safe water, having supervisors who treat workers like a partner rather than a boss, learning something new or interesting on any given day, and perceptions that your city or area are "getting better" rather than "getting worse.", according to Gallup.

The other eight factors: economic confidence, job creation, standard of living momentum, obesity, ease of finding a safe place to exercise, visits to the dentist and the percentage of workers employed full time for an employer.

Gallup's "future livability" rankings emerged from more than 530,000 interviews with U.S. adults conducted Jan. 2 through June 30.

Rounding out the top 10, Virginia comes in at No. 6, trailed by Iowa, Hawaii, South Carolina and Maryland.

Rounding out the bottom, in ascending order, Florida is sixth worst, trailing Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio and Delaware.


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