Goats on the loose: White Plains cops nab pair in same neighborhood hours apart

City police always get their goats.

Cops were scratching their heads today after they were called on twice to corral goats spotted grazing along Gedney Esplanade.

“We’ve had snakes, turkeys, skunks and even a bear, but how two goats ended up here is a mystery to me,” said Lt. Eric Fischer, commander of the Detective Division.

Fischer said police were called to Gedney Esplanade and Macy Avenue about 11:30 a.m. yesterday by a passing motorist who reported seeing a goat. Animal Control Officer Mike O’Sullivan arrived a short time later, captured the critter, and took it to Police Headquarters.

Police got another call late last night, from another motorist, about another goat in the same area. Officer Morgan Finnie managed to coax that goat into his squad car.

Although they didn’t butt anyone or try to eat the upholstery in the squad cars, both goats spent time in the lockup at headquarters before they were taken to the Animal Hospital of White Plains when no one reported them missing. The hospital provides veterinary services for the department’s new K9 unit.


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