Greece: Police fear Burgas style attack ahead of Peres visit

Greek police fear an attack on Israeli tourists similar to the one that occurred on 18 July in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, Greek newspaper To Proto Thema reported on Sunday, ahead of President Shimon Peres' visit to Greece.

According to the reports, concerns have increased due to Peres' upcoming visit which is set to begin on Monday and end on Thursday. The report further noted that police have raised the alert level and that Greek intelligence was in constant contact with the Mossad.

Five Israelis were killed in the terrorist attack in Bulgaria's Burgas. They were killed when the bus that was supposed to take them from the airport to their hotels exploded; the Bulgarian bus driver was also killed in the attack.

Israel said Iran and Hezbollah were behind the attack.
Earlier Sunday Bulgarian media reported that the Burgas bomber had a second fake ID. The first one was a forged US driver's license found near the scene of the blast.


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