Israel - 80% of residential building shelters unusable

The Iranian threat continues to float over Israelis' heads and many residents in apartment buildings throughout the country have begun to examine whether their bomb shelters and residential floor fortified spaces are attack-ready.

A new survey carried out by the Israeli association for building management revealed that 80% of shelters in residential buildings in central Israel are not usable and need to undergo an overhaul before they become serviceable.

"A large number of the common shelters are no longer usable," said association chairman Tamir Mintz.

According to Mintz, the unusable shelters do not refer to derelict shelters and fortified spaces but to spaces that can no longer fulfill their purpose whether due to faulty seal systems or spaces with neglected maintenance, non-functioning water and sewage systems and sanitary conditions.
Nevertheless, in most cases the space is simply being used for something other than defense and protection by one or more residents of the building in a way that prevent the space from fulfilling its purpose at any given time.


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