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Judge: No Bail for 2 Possibly Innocent of '95 Killing


A New York judge has rejected a plan to immediately free two people serving time for a murder that some investigators now believe they didn't commit.

Eric Glisson and Cathy Watkins are among five people whose convictions in the 1995 killing a Bronx livery cab driver are now being re-examined due to new evidence linking the murder to two gang members.

The Bronx District Attorney had agreed on a plan to release Glisson and Wakins to house arrest, but the New York Post reports that Bronx Judge Efrain Alvarado rejected that option Friday.

The judge says he has no power to grant bail to someone serving a sentence that hasn't been overturned.

Lawyers for Glisson and Watkins say they are disappointed, but think their clients will eventually be freed.


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