Khamenei calls for more terror attacks on West

Western intelligence sources said that Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei instructed the Revolutionary Guard Corps' elite unit al-Quds Force to increase terror attacks against the West and its allies in reprisal for their support of Syrian opposition groups, the Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, Iran's national security council held an emergency meeting to discuss a special report which claims that the Islamic Republic's regional interests are being eroded by UN sanctions and the West's continued support of Syrian opposition groups who are trying to oust President Bashar Assad.

Western intelligence sources claimed that the report, which was commissioned by Khamenei, states that Iran "cannot remain passive" in the face of new threats, and that the Western support of Syrian opposition forces puts at risk Tehran and Damascus' "resistance alliance" and can also prove detrimental to Iran's foothold in Lebanon.
According to the British paper, the report listed recommendations, by which Iran "should demonstrate to the West that there were 'red lines' over what it would accept in Syria, and that a warning should be sent to 'America, the Zionists, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others that they cannot act with impunity in Syria and elsewhere in the region."

Meanwhile, a senior diplomat privy to Iran's nuclear program said that the Islamic Republic has entered the final stages of sanitizing a military base where it allegedly held secret nuclear related experiments.

American research institution ISIS reported that the mass clear-up was completed at the beginning of April, after the UN's nuclear agency requested access to the site.


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