Majority of Israelis against Iran strike, poll finds

A majority of Israelis oppose a strike by their country on Iran's nuclear facilities without U.S. cooperation, a new poll found.

Nearly 61 percent of respondents oppose the strike without the cooperation of the United States and 27 percent favor it, according to a poll released Thursday by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University's Evens Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

The poll also found that nearly 56 percent of Israelis think it is unlikely that Israel would launch airstrikes against Iran unilaterally; 33 percent believe the country will go forward with the strikes on its own.

The telephone poll conducted last week spoke with 516 Israelis and has a 4.5 percent margin of error. 

Meanwhile, Israeli groups have launched several petitions and protests against the possibility of an Israeli strike against Iran. One online petition published Wednesday, which calls on Israel Air Force pilots to refuse to bomb Iran, has garnered hundreds of signatures.


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