Moshe Tischler Likely to Knock Hikind Off Republican Line

Moshe Tischler, the college student who is challenging powerful Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind in a Democratic primary, is showing some spunk.

Tischler passed along a press release highlighting a lawsuit he filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, which will likely knock Hikind off the Republican line in their Assembly race. A special referee appointed by the court found Hikind 91 valid signatures short of the required number to get the GOP line, according to Tischler, but the finding still has to be upheld by Supreme Court Justice David Schmidt.

“Assemblyman Hikind’s failure to collect enough valid signatures from the people of the District to earn a spot on the Republican line demonstrates that his support is that the people are losing faith in Hikind,” Tischler said in a statement. “The people of the District are sick and tired of career politicians that have lost touch with the people’s concerns in the community.”

A lawsuit also seeking to knock Hikind off the Conservative line is still being fought out, according to Tischler’s campaign.

Given that Tischler and Hikind are running in a Democratic primary, Hikind losing the Republican line probably won’t mean much. In the very unlikely circumstance that Tischler pulls out the Democratic primary, though, Hikind would have one less line to run on in the general election.

In 2010, Hikind did show a bit of vulnerability in the general election, with an Irish-American opponent, Brian Doherty, winning 35 percent of the vote running as a Republican. Moshe Tischler, meanwhile, is running in tandem with a slightly older brother, Abraham, who is running another uphill race in the “Super Jewish” district.


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