New Memorial to Raoul Wallenberg Inaugurated in Stockholm

A new memorial to Raoul Wallenberg was inaugurated  in Stockholm, almost two weeks following the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Swedish diplomat who save the lives of thousands of Hungarian Jews during WWII.

The inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Raoul Wallenberg's sister Nina Lagergren.

The sculpture was designed by artists Ulla and Gustav Kraitz, who also created the Wallenberg monument outside the United Nations in New York.

The memorial consists of a bench made of black diabase with a briefcase of bronze placed diagonally on top. The bench has a text about Raoul Wallenberg engraved on its side.

"It is natural to have a memorial to Raoul Wallenberg just outside the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, where he was formally employed," says Olle Wästberg, the Government's coordinator for Raoul Wallenberg Year.

 This is the 34th memorial to Raoul Wallenberg.


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