New study shows dangers of singing while driving

Who doesn't like to belt out a tune every once in a while when they're behind the wheel?

Singing and driving is not only distracting, it may also make you a worse driver.

That's according to a new Australian study. It finds that singing requires more mental activity, taking your attention off the road.

Researchers tested the singing and driving abilities of 21 people by using a driving simulator.

The singing drivers were less likely to notice peripheral distractions and their speeds varied more .

"As you might guess, driving performance changes when you're listening to music and singing. You actually tend to slow down," said Scott Bea with Cleveland Clinic.

The study found the same distracting effect for those just listening to music, even if they didn't sing along.

The most focused drivers had no music at all psychologists say that might be the best option if you're driving in rough conditions.

One thing drivers commonly do if you're in a rainstorm or a snowstorm people typically want to reduce stimulation so they'll turn off the radio in order to pay more attention.

That's smart and maybe as a culture we need to do that a little bit more. Particularly in driving conditions where there are lots of pedestrians, potential distractions, those sorts of things."

And if you are listening to music or singing along, just try to notice if you're speeding up or slowing down to the speed of the song you're listening to.


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