Pedicab Driver Charges Family $442.54 For Short Ride

Talk about getting taken for a ride! A Texas family visiting New York was charged more than $440 for a 12-minute pedicab ride last week by driver Savas Avci.

It may seem criminal, but what Avci did was legal. The city does not regulate pedicab fares.

A pedicab driver in Central Park told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck he’s angry because he’s worried predatory drivers may put him out of business.

“When I hear these scammers coming here for two, three months, robbing people basically, overcharging people – these prices are stupid. They say ‘Oh I’m legally allowed.’ You’re not allowed. The city’s not regulating,” the driver told Schuck.

“This person should be taken away from the business because it’s hurting us, the people who have families and pay taxes and work hard to make a living in New York City,” another driver told Schuck.

An Australian tourist visiting Central Park said he’s not worried about getting ripped off.

“I think we’re gonna be aware wherever we travel that that potential occurs. But normally you get a feeling about people,” he said.

The family went from 14 blocks, according to The New York Post. That works out to more than $31 per block.

Drivers are allowed to set their own prices, but most charge about $2 or $3 per block.


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