Storobin's Twitter Tactics Spark Feuding With Felder Campaign

When the campaign manager for Democratic Senate candidate Simcha Felder tried to follow his opponent State Sen. David Storobin’s Twitter feed recently, he was told that he had “been blocked from following this account at the request of the user” — starting a war of words between the rival camps.

Felder’s campaign manager, well-known Republican operative O.B. Murray, passed along a screen shot of Storobin denying his request to receive such recent tweets as “Mazel Tov to Brooklyn C.B. 12 Chairman @YidelPerlstein upon the birth of a baby girl! Much nachas!” and other mostly innocuous fare.

When Chris Bragg from City & State asked Storobin spokesman Steve Stites about why Storobin’s campaign did not want the rival campaign manager following Storobin’s government-oriented Twitter account, he responded with some pretty explosive counter-allegations.

“Well, since Felder already has paid people physically following the Senator, we figured the Twitter account was obsolete,” Stites wrote in an email.

When asked for further details about the allegations against Felder’s campaign, though, Stites declined to comment.

Storobin also has a separate, more campaign-oriented Twitter feed. In January, City & State reported on a several year old tweet from another, now-deleted Storobin campaign feed suggesting that President Obama was Muslim, which had actually been sent out by a Storobin campaign supporter far before the campaign.


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