TLC Rolls Out New Yellow Taxi Logos

The next time you hail a cab, take a closer look, as yellow cabs featuring a new logo are beginning to hit the streets of New York.

With a quick glance, many probably will not notice a difference. But look closely and riders will see the well-known "NYC Taxi" logo has been replaced with "NYC T."

The fare information on car doors is also being replaced with two notices: One telling passengers the cab is metered and another stating the car charges a flat fare to John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Passengers will be able to access more detailed fare information on the video screen inside the cab.

If drivers follow the new design to the "T," riders will not see the classic checker shapes on the outside any more.

The "T" logo originally came out of the city Taxi and Limousine Commission's efforts to develop the so-called Taxi of Tomorrow.


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