Babysitter locked 4-year-old boy in roach-filled cabinet for hours: cops

A 4-year-old Florida boy told claims his babysitter locked him in a cabinet full of roaches and spiders for hours at a time and wouldn’t let him out to use the bathroom, authorities said.

Lori Hamilton, 42, is in jail on child abuse and cruelty charges, WTSP-TV reported.

The little boy told cops he was bitten by the bugs inside the cabinet and forced to relieve himself in his cramped prison.

He said Hamilton had locked him up several times.

She admitted to confining the child in the filthy space on four occasions, but her sister Wanda Hawthorne claimed it was only because cops wore her down.

"They sat and talked to her for a couple of hours,” she said. “She finally broke down and said ‘okay, whatever, I did it.’"

Hawthorne doesn’t believe the confession because her sister “has not a bad bone in her body,” she told WTSP, but said she isn’t mentally stable enough to care for kids.

But Hamilton took care of several children, deputies said. Polk County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Donna Wood said cops are “looking at any other options that may have been out there for any other victimization.”

Hamilton has no known criminal history, but was recently examined for mental illness under Florida’s Baker Act.

She is from Lakeland, but cops aren’t revealing where the alleged abuse occurred to protect the little boy’s identity.


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