Bloomberg: Stop-And-Frisk Should Begin At The Home

Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited a Harlem church on Sunday to talk about the NYPD's controversial stop-and-frisk policy and agreed with the suggestion that parents could prevent crime by frisking their own children at home.

The mayor told the congregation at East Ward Missionary Baptist Church in Harlem that the program was effective in helping reduce crime.

Bloomberg agreed with the Reverend Sean Gardner, the church's pastor, who suggested parents get more involved by starting a stop-and-frisk program of sorts in the home.

"Every parent, father and mother, would be responsible for looking at the things their children are bringing in and out of their homes," said Gardner.

"It is the parents' job to start a stop-and-frisk in the home, to the extent that they can," said the mayor. "We in the city are doing everything we can to work with our young kids, for those who've fallen off the right path, to get them back on track."

Bloomberg has visited several churches over the past few months in the hopes of improving police-community relations.


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