Israel - Thousands of Breslov Hasidim to leave for Uman

The Israel Airports Authority is preparing to fly thousands of Breslov Hasidim to the annual gathering at the grave of Rabbi Nachman in Uman, Ukraine, ahead of Rosh Hashana.

Some 20,000 pilgrims are expected to flock to Uman this year on 130 different flights, which will leave Israel on September 11-16. The busiest day, September 13, will see 8,000 worshippers take off on 48 flights.

Passengers were asked to arrive at the airport four hours before their scheduled flight, after many of the travelers in the past had come without the required documents and sometimes even with invalid passports.
As part of the IAA's preparations – along with airlines, ground services companies, travel agencies and representatives of the Breslov Hasidic group – passengers will be offered special check-in counters, while ushers will direct them to the airport's prayer areas.

In addition, kosher food will be transported to Uman through the cargo terminals.


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