Workers' union calls surprise go-slow at BG airport

The Ben Gurion Airport workers' union declared a surpris go-slow Tuesday, as a result of failed negotiations two weeks ago.

The Airports Authority reported it was negotiating with the Finance Ministry, in order to end the crisis. Some 10 flights that were supposed to depart BG Airport were delayed. On Tuesday afternoon, the airport staff started to resume normal activity.

The Ben Gurion Airport workers union usually joins strikes initiated by the Histadrut and coordinates such steps with other unions in Israeli industry. One such strike was held in February 2012.

As the High Holidays approach, this is the busiest time of year at the Ben Gurion Airport, as many Israelis head abroad.
According to early estimates, some 1.21 passengers are expected to pass through Ben-Gurion Airport on September-October on about 7,700 different flights.

Until the go-slow was called, the IAA's plan to prepare for the holiday traffic included reinforcing its manpower.


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